Our main products are based on herring – a fish treasured for centuries and nowadays widely used in
a variety of products consumed all over the globe.

Herring is a pelagic schooling fish that is one of the most abundant species in the world, and it has
been known as a food source since at least 3000 BC. Herring belongs to the fatty fish with an average of
12-15 percent fat. Apart from large amounts of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA herring
is a source of vitamin D.

For more than eight decades we have been specializing in herring products customized to customer
requirements. Our customers have a wide variety of requests – from skinless herring fillets or whole,
salted and marinated herring to chopped and pickled herring or herring in the customer’s own seasoning

Another important source to Scandic Pelagic is sprat (also known as bristling or brisling), a small herring-
like fish. This fish has about 12 percent fat and is a source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids as well as
a number of vitamins.

No matter the preparation of the fish, every Scandic Pelagic product has this in common: They all start with the fresh fish unloaded close to our facilities.