As our business depends on the availability of healthy, fresh herring we work actively to promote
sustainable fishing. Furthermore, in our entire processing we strive to leave the smallest possible
footprint on the environment. Indeed, the carbon footprint – that is the greenhouse gas emissions
produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing
of the food we eat – is among the lowest of all food products.

Among our certifications are the ones from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), the international
non-profit organisation established to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans by recognising
and rewarding sustainable fishing practices, influencing the choices people make when buying
seafood and working with partners to transform the seafood market to a sustainable basis.



Regarding handling of weighing and requirements concerning species control in connection with pelagic deliveries of consumer landings to Scandic Pelagic A/S.

Acc. to ”Announcement concerning registration and control of information concerning fish landed directly and imported fish”, (BEK No. 1765 of 03/09/2021 §12) persons and companies in Denmark who purchase pelagic species landed as consumer fish directly from fishermen ensure that the fish is weighed at unloading by an accredited inspection company and  undertake sampling for species sorting by means of a sampling plan determined by the authorities (§ 13).

Scandic Pelagic A/S receive these pelagic landings and we comply with the requirements from the authorities concerning weighing and sampling by outsourcing these tasks to a third-party inspection company, certified in accordance with DS/EN ISO17020 ”Type A” and accredited by the national accreditation body in Denmark, Danak.

As it is a legal requirement cf. the above-mentioned announcement that the weighing itself is performed by an accredited inspection company, Scandic Pelagic A/S has, for practical and logistic reasons, chosen to use the same inspection company for both sampling AND species sorting. This to keep distance between purchaser and seller and in order to keep full transparency concerning this assignment.

For additional security of both sustainability and transparency including full, final, and honest openness and registration of the landed fish, Scandic Pelagic A/S has decided that the flow from unloading to and including the weighing together with sampling, species control/registration and counting of bycatch is monitored and furthermore that this monitoring hidden for purchaser, seller and the accredited inspection company can be followed live by the fishery control authorities. Furthermore, the fishery control authorities have had a co-determination as to where the number of video surveillance cameras are placed. The recorded video material is stored safely for 30 days in accordance with current GDPR rules.  

Furthermore, Scandic Pelagic A/S recommend that the inspection companies elaborate identic reporting forms (inspection reports) for weighing and species  identification in order to ensure recognizability for all implicated parts regardless of where and to whom the landing takes place.

In cooperation with DPPO, DFPO and DTU Aqua, Scandic Pelagic A/S has agreed that in connection with landings from Danish vessels  besides the legal requirement concerning registration of total weight per species, there must also be a registration of total number per species of bycatch.  Additionally, the actual logbook page number (e-log) for the specific load must be added to the final, total report (inspection report). 

In all cases, Scandic Pelagic A/S will comply with the procedure described on the order form for the inspection company enclosure 1 with accompanying explanation in enclosure 2 and 3:

The main points are that:

  1. we, as a current first-hand recipient at all landings, send a written order (enclosure 1) directly to the accredited DS/EN ISO17020 Type A certified inspection company.
  2. weighing, sampling, species determination inventory and bycatch count may only be carried out by a certified DS/EN ISO17020 type  A inspector, the inspectors own educated inspections for this assignment, or an inspector educated from another ISO17020 Type A accredited company as a sub supplier.
  3. an accredited inspection has to be delivered for each landing applied with current logbook page number.
  4. fish samples from Danish vessels are received or sampled for DTU Aqua in accordance with the descriptions in enclosure 2 and 3.

In case you do not comply with this CoC, information must be given to Scandic Pelagic A/S.

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