Scandic Pelagic is one of the world’s leading pelagic companies specializing in herring products customized to customer needs.

Scandic Pelagic is a new company structure, but we rest on more than three quarters of a century
of experience in the processing of herring. This is the result of targeted consolidation in the processing
of fish products – and our history can be traced back to the period between the two world wars.


With production at several modern plants in Denmark and Sweden, Scandic Pelagic has a staff of
300 skilled employees and a total handling of approx. 125,000 tons of herring.



Company history

Our company is the result of a number of consolidations within fish products processing:

Spring 2018 Scandic Pelagic A/S was formed as a result of the merger of Sweden Pelagic AB,
Nielsens Fiskeeksport A/S and Skagerak Pelagic A/S. The previous year FF Skagen A/S acquired
Skagerak Pelagic A/S while Sweden Pelagic AB took over Nielsens Fiskeeksport A/S.

In 2015 Swe-Dan Seafood A/S changed its name to Sweden Pelagic AB, but still under the joint
ownership of FF Skagen A/S and Västkustfisk SVC AB. The same year Sweden Pelagic AB bought the processing company Paul Mattsson AB.

In 2011 Skagerak Pelagic A/S acquired the fillet factory building and equipment from Skagen Pelagic A/S,
which was established in 2006 after a merger between P. Antonisen Fiskeeksport A/S and Havfisk A/S.

In 2006 Skagerak Pelagic A/S was established through the merger of Erik Taabbel Fiskeeksport A/S,
Skagerak Fiskeeksport A/S, Unifish A/S and Essi Konsumfisk A/S.

In the first year of the new century, FF Skagen A/S and Västkustfisk SVC AB established the joint venture
Swe-Dan Seafood A/S, which later changed the name to SweDen Pelagic AB.

The history of Skagerak Pelagic A/S goes back more than eight decades as the company rests on a foundation consisting of Nielsens Fiskeeksport A/S (founded 1983), Erik Taabbel Fiskeeksport A/S (established 1948), and Skagerak Fiskeeksport A/S (founded 1930) - all with a long tradition in the processing of herring.